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Jean Carlo Exclusive
Creative Fields: Graphic Design and Branding.
Tools: Photoshop and Illustrator


JC 1.jpg
When analyzing inspirations of great contemporary brands, it is possible to see Renaissance references in their compositions, for this reason the Jean Carlo Exclusive brand is capable of transmitting the same concept and still being able to stand out among modern brands, being well-resolved and with excellent memorization.
JC 2.jpg
JC 3.jpg

When creating the symbol of a company, it is necessary to contextualize the area of operation with its audience. In the case of the Jean Carlo Exclusive brand, which operates in the area of luxury real estate, the reference used was Renaissance architecture, as it fits perfectly for being luxurious and unique in history. The symbol represents these aspects in a contemporary way, as it does not attribute all the details of the architectural style, but transmits the necessary essence: luxury and exclusivity.


A pattern was created from the symbol for application in the visual identity.

JC 4.jpg
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