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Wise Shipping
Creative Fields: Graphic Design and Branding.
Tools: Photoshop and Illustrator


W 1.png

When one considers the logistics field as a fundamental piece for the economy in our region, it is necessary to understand that a company’s brand must refer to such responsibility and importance for all who get in contact with it. In such way, it was intended to create a logo with identical parallel lines that, in addition to bringing the "W" from Wise, reinforces the idea of organization and reliability as two pillars that support the company. The triangular shape also activates on one’s memory the image of the bow from maritime transport vessels, maintaining a strong connection with the field.

W 2.png
W 3.png
w 3-.png
w 3 --.png

The style of the bold letters determines the impact and solidity that Wise has and wants to perpetuate in the market, accompanied by the word “shipping” which, using a more flexible and dynamic font, gives the idea of modernity to keep up with the global pace.

W 4.png
W 5.png
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